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Arrived in Beijing!

Jody, Dragons Admin

All China semester students and instructors (except for one student who will join the group in a few days) have arrived in Beijing and are now together and headed towards their orientation site along the Great Wall near Gubeikou. Wishing everyone a......Read More


Último día in San Juan

Liz W, Instructor

Once again, we managed to pack MANY activities into our final day in San Juan: First, a hike up a short-but-steep hill with a gorgeous view of the lago and the pueblo below us. Next, a tour of a local, organic coffee cooperative that began with......Read More



Update from the Instructor Team

West Africa I-Team, Participant

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of this grand adventure. The group is now soaking in its final days of reflection in Toubab Dialaw. We often find students journaling, chatting, and giggling while they overlook Senegal’s......Read More

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Group Safe after recent earthquakes in Indonesia

Jessica A, Dragons Admin

Hello families and friends  of our Indonesia students, I’d just like to repeat that the group is safe in Yogyakarta following two more earthquakes over 5.5 magnitude that struck on the east side of Java and in West Papua. They have one more......Read More


​Deconstructing to Reconstruct

Anna, Arvin, & Rishi, Instructor

Picture of the Week

​Our first week of course has been an art in holding space and sharing light. We have provided one another license to think about intention and self. We have riffed off of one another’s thoughts and that has taken us down roads and up valleys of conversation relating to travel, development, adulthood, family structures, and our spirit animals. Light has been an important thread we have followed. We began our time together settled around candlelight, where we expressed our fears: of not being as present as we could be, of not expressing adequate gratitude to those we care about, of… Read More


Heading to Uttarakhand!

Sarah, Uttara, and Hemant, Instructor

Dear family and friends, After a whirlwind train trip through Jaipur, we are heading up to the far North (Uttarakhand) for the next few weeks. During this time, we will have very limited access to our phones and devices. We hope you appreciate (as......Read More


Welcome to Bhutan!

Jessica Armstrong, Instructor

Family and friends! This is just a short note to announce that the student group is now officially in Bhutan. More Yaks and pics to come, but everyone is safe and sound. This is a funny shot of the team in their almost empty plane.    ...Read More