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Emma, Participant

Hi everyone, so so excited for the upcoming adventure! My name is Emma. I am from right outside Montpelier, Vermont. I’ve grown up surrounded by gardens, cow fields, and miles of woods. I’m the youngest of my family, have two corgis......Read More


Hola Amigos!

Wes Fagan, Participant

Hi everyone! My name is Wes and I’m from Connecticut. I just graduated from high school this past spring and can’t wait for our adventure to start! I’m 18 and have three older sisters. I really enjoy basketball, soccer, hiking,......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B


Snail Mail

Instructor Team, Instructor

In a world of texts, emails and social media we’ve become accustomed to the immediate transferring of information. This can be convenient but there is something truly special about sending and receiving hand written letters; the time it takes,......Read More



Ron Miasnik, Participant

Hello! My name is Ron Miasnik, and I’m from Mountain View, California (though my family is originally Israeli). I’m taking a gap year before starting school at Princeton University. I just got back from a three-month trek around the world with......Read More



Mara Kauffman-Puchall, Participant

Hello, My name is Mara, I just graduated from school in San Francisco, and I live with my parents, two cats, and many plants. I love orchids and carnivorous plants in particular. I also love animals and just nature in general, which is one of the......Read More


Homestay Gifts

I-Team, Participant

The homestay will be a big portion of our course this Himalaya to the Ganges River Program and it would be really appreciated if you could all bring small gifts for your both homestay families firsts is going to be in LADAKH and second is going to......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: South of the Clouds


Electronics Policy

Joseph Vincent, Participant

Hello all, Here is a quick note about our electronics policy on course. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to post a yak. First…We know it’s tough. We know it rough. But the trip will be better without this stuff.......Read More


this me

arjuna, Participant

Hi my name is arjuna. i dont really like writing. esspecially writing about myself. i take picture and hope the photos i post will give you kind of an idea of what im like. i love the outdoors, doing rigorous physical activities of all kinds, and......Read More



Jessie Copeland, Participant

Helloo everyone! My name is Jessica, I introduce myself as Jessie, and that almost always turns into Jess after a few weeks of knowing me. I’m an avid whistler and optimist from Virginia Beach, Virginia, in an area sandwiched between the......Read More



JJ Fisher, Participant

Hi! I’m JJ (real name Joseph but have been called JJ since birth). I’m 18 and have lived in London, England for the past 15 years. My dad grew up in Zambia and my mum’s family is from Italy. I went to India 2 years ago for......Read More



Isabella Isidro, Participant

Hey everyone! My name’s Bella and I live in Sacramento, California.  I graduated from Mira Loma High School and am taking a gap year before heading off to college.  (Still working on exactly where, but I plan to major in environmental......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, & Conservation


Malaria Questions!

Jane Hatfield, Participant

Hi! I just had a few questions about malaria and taking malaria pills. Do participants usually take the pill throughout the entire trip, or is it only recommended for certain parts of the trip? If anyone else is choosing to take the medicine, how......Read More


Thea Intro

Thea, Participant

Hello everyone! My name is Thea! I live in New Jersey with my parents and younger sister. I’m 18 and just graduated from my high school, Mount Saint Mary. This trip is a part of my gap year before I head off to Lafayette College in......Read More


Lexi Kanter Intro

Lexi, Participant

Hey guys! My name is Lexi Kanter and I’m from New York City. I just graduated from the Horace Mann School this past spring, and I will be attending Harvard next fall. I play piano, and I also love to ski. Some of my other hobbies are baking,......Read More