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Boudhanath Stupa. Photo by Benjamin Felser.

Nepal: Traditions of the Himalayas – Group B

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Bradford, Participant

In front of me sits: a small metal bell, a little bag of tea, and a photo of a steep snowy mountain peak, each from areas over the land commonly known as “Nepal.” These items bring back memories and connections for me– with culture, with......Read More


Instructor Introduction

Tsheten , Instructor

Namaste Everyone! My name is Tsheten and I am one of the Instructors for your summer in Nepal. I would like to welcome you all to Nepal and formally introduce myself on this Yak post. I hope you all are excited and curious to know about Nepal as......Read More


A Note on Social Media

Aaron, Dragons Admin

Dear Summer 2022 Travelers, Your program is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re as excited as we are for the summer to arrive! While we understand that you’re likely eager to meet your traveling companions right away, we have a......Read More


Welcome to the Yak Board!

Aaron, Dragons Admin

Dear Summer 2022 Students and Families, Welcome to the Dragons community and your Yak Board! You can think of your course’s Yak Board as an online group journal and virtual bulletin board. Pre-course: you will use the Yak Board to introduce......Read More