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2022 Summer

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Pre-Course Assignments!

I-team, Instructor

Hola Dragones! In just a few weeks, we will begin our adventure together in Perú! In addition to practicing your Spanish, reading up on current events in Latin America, and breaking in your hiking shoes, we have a few assignments we’d like you......Read More


Instructor Intro: Raquel

Raquel Wigginton, Participant

Hola queridxs estudiantes,   The rainy season has officially begun. I am writing you with a foggy view of the mountains surrounding Guatemala City. Amidst the pattering of rain, the engines of airplanes, and traffic are always within earshot. I......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Peru

Peru: Sacred Mountains - Group B



Matteo, Participant

Hey guys! My name is Matteo. I’m looking forward to meeting you all next month in Miami. I’m also pretty excited to spend July hiking and trekking. I wonder how winters in Peru feel? I hope that through this Yak board post, you guys can......Read More


Technology Policy

I-team, Instructor

¡¡¡Hola Dragones!!! I have some questions for you and I would like you to take a few seconds to close your eyes and reflect about this: How often do you use your phone every day? When was the last time you went out with your friends or family......Read More


Hello from Amber

Amber, Participant

Hi everyone, We’re getting close to take-off time and I hope you’re all filled with excitement, curiosity, and a sense of adventure. This experience will be a special one, and our month days together will go quickly, so I encourage you all to......Read More


Pre-Departure Webinar

Amina, Dragons Admin

Dear Students & Families, As you prepare for your upcoming departure, don’t forget about your pre-course webinar recording! While many of you joined us for the live discussion and Q&A, we also recorded the conversation and presentation so......Read More


Instructor Introduction

Hemant Kumar, Participant

Namaste Everyone, My name is Hemant and firstly I want to thank you for making the choice to come on this Nepal summer program. Our hope is that this trip will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone in a big way, and if you embrace it, you......Read More