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Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4 week)

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WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4 week)


Ahead of the curve

Moni, Instructor

12 days ago I was ready to carry out a lot of plans with this program. However, life told me no, no matter how much I had everything planned, there are always factors that I cannot control and I need to adapt … I had to embrace the change,......Read More

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International Return Flight Information

Sarah O'Brien, Dragons Admin

Dear Families & Friends, It is hard to believe that almost four weeks have passed since your student embarked on this incredible adventure! It won’t be long until students will be boarding their planes back home. We are sure you are anxiously......Read More


San Juan la Laguna!

Alexa and Sofia, Participant

Hola! Estamos en San Juan la Laguna. This town on Lake Atitlan is surrounded by magnificent green mountains in every direction. Here there are weaving, chocolate, honey and coffee co-ops everywhere you go, and everything is grown and created in the......Read More



Jack, Participant

Today is July 19, 2021. We started the day by practicing our Spanish at the Eco Spanish School in San Juan. After that, we spent a nice hour at the beach on Lake Atitlan. I didn’t know that Lake Atitlan was as deep as it was, so being about......Read More


Nuevo Paso

Elly, Instructor

Hello dear family and friends of our stellar Guate crew! We send you greetings from San Juan La Laguna. We arrived yesterday to a beautiful views of Lago Atitlán. The students explored the Pueblo in groups for a few hours before we met with Diego......Read More


Off Trekking!

Instructors , Instructor

Hello everyone! Yesterday the group had a solid day of activities with Erick and Elly: Spanish classes, trek preparations, and group bonding activities in the afternoon. In one activity, the group shared gratitudes, identified their goals and growth......Read More