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2020 Spring Gap

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Ucup and the Screaming Goat

Nell & Abby, Participant

Picture of the Week

The wood block art studio is a creative space on all its own. As you walk up a set of stone steps, the smell of mosquito incense and a faint hint of cigarette smoke greets you at the front door. If you turn back and look down the stairs, Ucup’s home village dots across a sprawling green space. The sounds of chickens, a screaming goat that sounds scarily human, and the shouts of children playing take up the audible space around us. Ucup, the instructor we worked with for the three weeks we spent in Jogja, stands up with an… Read More


A Jogja Tradition

Colin, Instructor, Instructor

Yak of the Week

On Tuesday, March 3rd, most of our group decides to explore one of the most powerful places in Jogjakarta: the Sultan’s southern square. The square is the final point in an ellipses punctuating the flow of power between the volcanically active......Read More


Tays’s Yak

Taylor, Participant

Here are more photos from the amazing farewell party last night!! Picture 1: Yas and her family Picture 2: Abby and her family Picture 3: Me and my family (minus my crazy twin siblings) Picture 4: Me trying my best to get Barnet to smile for a......Read More


Until we meet again :)

Katherine, Participant

Last night we had a farewell party with  all of our host families, language teachers and our ISP mentors. We decorated the program house and all of the families helped bring in food pot-luck style. Although sad to be saying goodbye, the night was......Read More


A letter to Woodsie

Yudha & Etta, Participant

The below text has been translated from Bahasa to English by the instructor team. Woodsie, You are a sweet, hardworking, bright, open-minded, and loving person. Our children are so so happy to have a new brother! Three weeks passed too quickly.......Read More


Returned from Q’eros

Group A, Instructor

Greetings Friends and Families! We’ve just arrived in Ocongate after 6 impactful days in Nación Q’eros. Our time in Q’eros was challenging but taught us a lot about ourselves and our place in this world. Tomorrow we’ll head to Cusco and......Read More


Spanish Classes

Henry, Instructor

This morning I decided to put my reporting skills to the test by interviewing the students during their Spanish classes. Every Friday a group of students, under close supervision of their Spanish teacher, prepare a Bolivian dish to indulge in after......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B


Water fight in the city!

Maisie, Participant

Water fight. It is Monday and I just got to my homestay family for the first day. I am sitting in my room feeling slightly dazed and confused when my 18-year-old host sister Lyneth asks me if I want to go to a water fight in the city center. It is......Read More


Bolivian Cooking

M.E., Participant

When in the kitchen of a culture drastically different from your own, you must remember two things: You will never be entirely aware of the end product of your labors. Although Maisie, Robert, Marco, Isaac, and myself have the best intentions, we......Read More


Letter from Kat’s host mom

Ibu Suparmi (Kat's host mom), Participant

Yak of the Week

The following has been translated by the Instructor Team on behalf of Kat’s host mom, Ibu Suparmi   Let me introduce myself, my name is Suparmi, I am 55 years old. My husband is Agus Hartono, he is 56 years old. I have two children,......Read More


Places and Moments

Indonesia Instructor, Instructor

Looking back at some of the moments and spaces we experienced here in Jogja has given us a lot to think about. The pictures below include some of the moments that filled our days here, during a stay that seems to defy the way we normally experience......Read More


Sunday Lunch

Zoe, Participant

Yak of the Week

If you had happened to be walking down 4th avenue in San Miguel Escobar last Saturday around noon, you would have seen me and my Spanish teacher Blanca carrying a massive, scalding frying pan in a Guatemalan swaddling cloth woven for newborn babies.......Read More


The last Home-stay

Vasco, Participant

Today marks our final last night with our homestay families, which is sad. When we first met our home-stay parents it was exciting and awkward. After a week everyone started to feel at home with their homestay families. My family showed me the......Read More



Woodsie, Participant

The other night I was sitting at dinner with my home stay family and couldn’t help but think about the unbelievable opportunity and experience I was witnessing. Who gets the chance to move in with a family in Indonesia and they treat you like......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies


Biiig Chillin’ Nepalmaa

James, Participant

Three weeks into the urban homestay, I find myself growing more and more attached to Patan and my lifestyle out here. The dogs no longer sniff me and bark at me as an outsider, and the cultural customs are slowly taking their place as second nature......Read More