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2020 Spring Gap

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Goodbye Taylor!

Instructor Team, Instructor

We bid farewell to Taylor today who is travelling home to the Cayman Islands. It was another say goodbye, but we’re hopeful we’ll meet again soon. The rest of us will be on our way to Jakarta tomorrow (Wednesday) then onwards to home on......Read More


goodbye ines!

Instructor Team, Instructor

This is our last group photo with Ines this morning. It was a hard goodbye, but everyone is getting back to their normal selves after processing the realities that our program will be coming to an end sooner than expected. We are now heading for our......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Nepal: Himalayan Studies


It’s a Contagion Situation Part 2; It’s a...

Delaney, Participant

Hi everyone! In light of the recent pandemic, I thought I’d write a part 2 to “It’s a Contagion Situation.” This piece is called “It’s a Coronin’ Situonin’ “ It’s a Coronin’ Situonin’ Everybody’s parents be phonin’ But......Read More


Heading to Mid-course from Patan

Instructors, Participant

Namaste everyone, Our time in Patan has been an amazing learning experience for students. Over the past four weeks, students were able to learn different ISPs and delve into lifestyle of people in Patan. Our students were able to learn diverse arts......Read More


Greetings from La Paz

Instructor Team, Instructor

Hola Family & Friends! After much travel we have finally arrived to La Paz, Bolivia. Our 12 hour bus ride from Cusco turned into a 20+ hour ride when our bus broke down and we had to wait for a new bus to come from Cusco to pick us up. An......Read More


Tawa Tawas All The Way!!

Marco and Robert, Participant

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Cooking Squad TM (M.E, Maisie, Robert, Isaac, and Marco) travel to Valentina’s house by trufi to cook with our cooking ISP instructor Gabby. It’s so fun to talk on our way there about whatever is......Read More


Midcourse Shennanigans

Emma and Charlie, Participant

Hello members of the infected world, As of right now, we have the supreme privilege to stay at THE Henry Van Damme household in Sacaba, outside of Cochabamba. A few things we want to touch on are: how beautiful the area around is, how grateful we......Read More



Maisie, M.E., Anna, Sol, Participant

To round out the beautiful experience of our team’s three week homestay our group hosted a q’oa, a festival for the ISP teachers, the families, and our patient Spanish teachers (shout out to the one and only Vilma). Wonderful cooking......Read More


Ode to Patagonia

Emma Tomb, Participant

As our group transitions from Chile to Peru, we are filled with excitement to explore a new country as well as sadness to part ways with Patagonia. As a way to reflect and express our gratitude, we wrote a letter to thank Pachamama and Patagonia for......Read More


Team on the move

Jessica, Dragons Admin

Hi everyone, The group are on their way to Bajawa, which is the nearest town to our second homestay on the island of Flores. The students will all have the opportunity to jump online to check their emails and make calls home as needed (so stay......Read More


From Flores

Student Group, Participant

Hey guys, checking in again from the island of Flores where we’ve just spent 4 days on the Northern coast.  We stayed at the Eco Eden lodge which was a lovely place- we slept in straw bungalows on the sandy beachfront, and ate our meals under......Read More