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2019 Summer

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Instructors, Instructor

Team Bhutan has had incredibly meaningful past couple days here at Bhaktapur. We engaged in activities focused around transferring skills and lessons learned in this experience back home, sharing our gratitude to everyone who was a part of this......Read More


Farewell Morocco

Kevin W, Instructor

I’m sitting on the train now heading from Casablanca back home to Rabat, reminiscing with Badr about all that we’ve done the past month. We just saw students off at the airport, and are sure that they’re similarly discussing memories as well......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Myanmar

Myanmar: Visions of Democracy


Boarding in Hong Kong

Hannah Sachs, Instructor

Charles, Alisa, and Oscar are already somewhere in the air, flying to China, Japan, and France respectively. WE are on line to board our group flight from Hong Kong to LAX. Charlotte has four hours left of her layover, then she’s off to Belgium....Read More



Nina, Participant

Written on: July 25, 2019 It is currently 12:45 am. I am sitting on the bus, and we just began our journey to the place we are staying for the night in Beijing. None of us know where we are going. This morning, more like yesterday morning, we said......Read More



Cheney Ramos, Participant

Family will always go wherever I go… This is for the families and friends who could not be a part of our journey, but have supported and encouraged us to undergo this metamorphic experience. I love you Mom, Dad, Brissa, and Deysee.  Thank you......Read More


Making Cheese with my Ama-le

Lydia Burnet, Participant

Let me introduce you to my Ama-le, a sweet beautiful woman living in the small village of Taar, Ladakh. She lives alone in a small house equipped with the basics, a tea room/kitchen always sure to be stocked with steaming mint tea and apricot seeds,......Read More


The Scoop

Students, Participant

As our incredible, month-long journey through the mountains of northern India draws to a bittersweet close, we wish to introduce you to one of the seemingly-minute and vaguely-upsetting yet ultimately integral and fun aspects of our program. A topic......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Stream of Conciousness in the Yungas

Penelope, Participant

I remember walking past a tree and seeing an arm- forever formed at an angle, skin folding, reaching for the sun. Where would we be without the sun, where would we be without the rain? A hole in the ground, a dreamless sleep. Do trees dream? When......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Departing Bolivia

Drew Katigbak, Participant

As my Bolivia trip is quickly coming to an end, I have a few thoughts on my mind. At first, I originally came to Bolivia to gain more education and knowledge about indigenous groups and their politics. Not only did I learn so much about the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Bolivia

Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes


Stream of Conciousness in Coroico

Sophie, Participant

I’m sitting on the side of this mountain My left foot in the shade and my right foot in the sun. My left toenail is a lot longer. My chin is in my hand and I feel my fingers pull the skin on my cheek and my lips and my nail polish is green.......Read More


Last Day

Emmet Gibson, Participant

I find myself sat in an internet cafe in a country that was once like a scary stranger and is now like a scary close friend. The people who surround me have been with me through many things I may never forget. Being able to see the divide the lies......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) - Group A


Thank you from Guate!

Raquel, Instructor

Yak of the Week

Our time in Guatemala comes to an end and the comforts of home feel closer than ever.  During our time in the Sierras in California for Instructor orientation we did a small simulation for what it may feel like for students coming on a Dragons......Read More