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Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) – Group B

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Instructors, Instructor

Dear families and friends, It is hard to believe, but our incredible four week adventure in Guatemala has come to an end. All students are checked in and have passed security and immigration. The group flight is scheduled to depart on time at 6:00......Read More


Final Group Yak

The Group, Participant

What did I accomplish in Guatemala? I learned more Spanish and how to connect with people who I can’t perfectly communicate with; both the people of Guatemala and my group mates. I think my Spanish improved a lot and could almost be considered......Read More



Jordan, Participant

During my time in San Juan La Laguna, the range of gender and sexuality expression that I observed was minimal. I saw heterosexual couples dressed in modest traditional clothing walk down the street with no indication that they were together. There......Read More

Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) - Group A, Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) - Group B



Carin, Dragons Admin

Dear Families & Friends, It is hard to believe that almost four weeks have passed since your student embarked on this incredible adventure! It won’t be long until students will be boarding their planes back home. We are sure you are anxiously......Read More


Mini X-Phase Success

Letitia Caspersen, Participant

This past Wednesday our group planned and executed an outing on Lake Atitlan. We called this Mini X-phase, and it was sort of a practice round for X-Phase which starts tomorrow, and is three days of activities, transportation, and accommodations,......Read More



Maya Winfield, Participant

To remember, in Spanish, is recordar. Here, in Guatemala, spending time with family and creating important relationships is a necessary part to forming memories. These values create a culture full of smiles and genuine kindness that you encounter......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive (4-week) - Group B


Itinerary Update

Los Instructores, Instructor

Greetings from Guatemala City! I am pleased to present the itinerary for our final week in Guatemala. After students expressed a strong desire to find a way to go swimming, so the group has decided that for their X-Phase we will go to the Rio Dulce......Read More


Café La Voz

Emily Patterson, Participant

For most of us, me included, drinking coffee is an everyday occurrence. While we don’t exactly think about the act, it’s how we start our day and we need it to function. But do we stop and think about where it comes from? Nelly and I got the......Read More



Felipe Auriemo, Participant

1518, the spaniards invaded and took over Guatemala. Took over the country that once belonged to the Maya people, disregarding their own achievements and forcing their beliefs and culture into their lives. We only talk about history from that point......Read More