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China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) – Group B

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Temple Visit

Carlos, Participant

Witten on: July 6, 2019 大家好!Today, After our usual morning language classes we drove up to a Tibetan-Buddhist temple to understand and see another part of Chinese culture up close. our instructors taught us about six important Buddhist......Read More


Study Time!

Kathryn, Participant

Written on: July 6, 2019 大家好! Oh no! I’m trying to study for my Mandarin test tomorrow but I would also like to write a post to share something with all of you reading our Yak board. I have decided to share some images of my notes that......Read More



Tucker, Participant

Walnuts Written on: July 4, 2019 My homestay mother sits me down in a chair next to a small wooden table that features an orange colander filled with walnuts and a iron mallet next to it. As we approach the table, a cat jumps off of the chair and......Read More


Ending Orientation

Sammy and Dora, Participant

Written on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 你好! It is our last night at the eco lodge and we are preparing to go to Nanyao, where we will begin our rural homestay tomorrow. Today we talked more about leadership roles within the group and worked on......Read More



Carlos and Sebastian, Participant

On our second day, we continued with our orientation and learned about leadership, the red rules, and expectations of each other. We took a short hike up a small mountain/hill and went to an apple orchard and picked tiny apples with our host (YeYe)......Read More

China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) - Group A, China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) - Group B


Group Beijing-Kunming Flight may be delayed

Jody, Instructor

The group’s flight from Beijing to Kunming will likely be delayed. Air China Flight 4174 is currently showing a 24 minute delay. We’ll post here again when the group arrives, or if there is a significantly longer delay (and suggest......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) - Group B


Backpacks: Response to question


Hi all! Tomorrow is the big day! In response to Sebastian’s question regarding backpacks… You will be carrying your backpack throughout our trip. You will need to be able to walk with it and take it on and off public transportation. With......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: Mandarin Language Intensive (4-week) - Group B



Ned, Participant

Hi y’all! My name is Ned Stone (纳达 in Chinese). I am 16 years old and will be a junior next year. I am from Atherton, California. I have been taking Mandarin for about two and a half years. I play tennis and I sing in my school’s......Read More