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2019 Summer

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Beginning the Trek

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Greetings to Friends and Family of Dragons Senegal Students! Today the group visited a gold mine outside of Kedougou and learned more about resource management in the area. Tomorrow we will leave the city of Kedougou and travel to the village of......Read More


Okay I promise, just one last yak

Nica!!, Participant

From a birds eye view all the trees look like pieces of broccoli And the lakes look like puddles And the buildings, well they don’t even look like building Couldn’t even compare to a dolls house So I imagine how minuscular I appear in this world......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Madagascar

Madagascar: Island of Diversity


Our Own Milky Way

Jane Park, Participant

Yak of the Week

As I sit on the plane with Today’s Hits pulsing in my ears, the distance between myself and my home for the past six weeks seems to grow exponentially. The stories I collected in Ambatomanga seem as long ago as my childhood and the rocks I turned......Read More

WTBD Yaks from China

China: The Silk Road


Arrived at LAX

Jody, Dragons Admin

All students on the group flight with Zack have landed safely in LA and are headed onward home this evening or tomorrow. With thanks again to all involved! – Jody...Read More

WTBD Yaks from Madagascar

Madagascar: Island of Diversity


The Privilege of Worldview

Hope Lane, Participant

The first day of my Ambatomanga homestay was hard. Not because of the feral dogs and chickens roaming around our yard but because of a realization so simple and yet so jarring in its conception. The realization that many Malagasy people never have......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Madagascar

Madagascar: Island of Diversity


A note from a parent

Julia, mother of Orestes, Participant

Dear Madagascar Summer Program students and instructors, On behalf of all parents, you have my immense and lasting thanks, along with a deep sense of duty to acknowledge each and all of you for all you have given us — for opening our own eyes......Read More


Thank you, Madagascar.

Madagascar Summer Students, Participant

We have spent much of the last few days sharing our gratitude with each other and for this amazing country and culture that has hosted us over the last six weeks. The following is a collectively written poem by the students of the 2019 Summer......Read More


On the Way Home!

Team Silk Road, Instructor

All students on the group flight are now with Zack, departed from Urumqi, landed in Beijing, and now on their way to Los Angeles!  Felipe, Beatrice and Laura are also en route home! Wishing everyone a happy reunion with family and friends!...Read More


Group Departure From Antananarivo

Colin (ITeam), Instructor

After a difficult goodbye to Micah, Sidonie, and Gabe (who will be traveling out on a later flight), the group traveled to the outskirts of Antananarivo to say goodbye to Madagascar. We are checked in and will be boarding our first flight leg soon......Read More



Micah LeMasters, Participant

Thank you Colin for your relentlessly positive attitude and how you chase wonder through the days. Thank you for smiling when you don’t understand Malagasy and thank you for carrying the med bag and all the responsibilities that go with that.......Read More


On the to the Airport

Sidonie Emerande, Instructor

9 of 10 students are heading to the airport with Colin one of instructors. We will post updates along the way. Thanking them for all their hard work and enthusiasm and wishing them all the best for the page of their life. With kind Gratitude  ...Read More


An Untitled Poem About Tea

Grady Clark, Participant

The gaiwan’s heat reminds an old tea leaf of its time under the golden sun. The once dead leaf awakens to reveal its true fragrance Tell me, how will this rebirth occur if the tea is crushed and bagged? 盖碗的温度让古老的茶叶......Read More


Daizu Dance

Victoria Azzu, Participant

The Peacock Dance was unlike anything I’ve ever studied in terms of the structure of the class and its movements compared to the styles that I’ve learned. I’ve always taken hip-hop, ballet, modern and contemporary dance classes where a group......Read More