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2019 Spring Gap

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Students on their way to Lima

Instructor Team, Instructor

We just sent our 12 Dragoncitos through security at the Cusco airport. This afternoon they’ll take a short 1 hour flight to Lima where they will be exploring Peru’s capital together for a week independent of Dragons. To our dear students- Thank......Read More



Elly & Vincent, Instructor

Hello dear family and friends!!! And with that they are off! It’s always so bittersweet… these goodbyes for now. But we are very excited that y’all will be seeing your loved ones soon! The group flight is in the air! Thank you to the......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

South America: Andes & Amazon - Group B



Daniela, Participant

I write this the day everyone but me leaves for the airport to go home. I haven’t slept for two days, am waking up at 5 tomorrow morning to get to my flight and would not give up bringing my group to the airport at 11 tonight for anything. We......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Indonesia

Indonesia: Community, Culture, and Conservation


Return Journey

ITeam, Instructor

Dear family and friends, After heartfelt goodbyes and some tears, our group took the next steps on our journey home—a journey that started yesterday as we left transference to travel from Bira, a tiny beach town in Southern Sulawesi, through......Read More


Such A Sampela Moment

Anna M., Participant

Yak of the Week

“Sampai nanti Ibu!” I call as I tiptoe across my porch and down the precarious and wobbly steps of our stilted home. I set out towards rumah Andar (our program house in Sampela) tiptoeing, eyes glued to the boardwalk, trying to remember......Read More


Thank you family and friends

Jhasmany, Instructor

Dear families and friends, We are right now at the Isla del Sol, the mythical birthplace of the sun in Bolivia. We are using these last four days to reflect in our experience during this semester. We are using the three core values of Dragons to......Read More