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2019 Fall College Study Abroad

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Sarah , Participant

Picture of the Week

Last week, on the final leg of our travel period before Patan, we had the amazing opportunity to go to Pharping for a few days. Pictured here is the view from the monastery we stayed at, as well as some photos from our beautiful day hike. One of my favorite moments in Pharping was on the first night, when we did a little scavenger hunt throughout the town to ask locals some questions and to buy a few items. At the very end of our scavenger hunt, we had one question remaining, one that was difficult to ask without knowing… Read More


16,600 ft of Spirit

Kendall, Participant

For the past 2 weeks of being in S. America I’ve been contemplating the name of this program, Spirt of The Andes. From the get-go in Ollantaytambo it was clear ritual was extremely important. I experienced ritual in Paru Paru with Coca by offering......Read More


Homestays in Urubamba

Kaela Frank, Instructor

Dear friends and family, We made it to Urubamba!! We are thrilled to be able to settle in for the next five weeks. On Friday students started Spanish classes and their Regional Seminar with Sara Diamond. They discussed definitions of identity,......Read More


Walking on Sacred Ground

Kaela Frank, Instructor

Yak of the Week

A trek can be so much more than walking from point A to point B looking at beautiful sights along the way. Our group spent the last three days intentionally and humbly walking on sacred ground, forging a deeper connection with the spirit of the......Read More


Week 2 Photos

Sarah, Participant

Here are some photos from the past week! We spent a wonderful few days at HASERA farm where we learned a lot about permaculture. Pictured is one of our amazing views of the mountains, a photo I took while studying on the rooftop during sunset.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Nepal

Study Abroad Nepal: Passages & Peaks of the Himalaya


Wetness is the Essence of Beauty

Sage Mountain, Participant

It is clear that this land knows water, and knows it well. Whether it be the falling rain or hanging mist, by being here I have been in constant communion with moisture. Every night of the trip so far I have gone to bed with an encompassing residue......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Andes Amazon

Study Abroad South America: The Spirit of the Andes


Off Trekking, Out of Touch

Luis Alvarado, Instructor

Hola a todos, This is a quick note to let you all know that the group is heading out trekking to the sacred mountain of Ausangate and we’ll be out of touch until the 11th of September. We’re really looking forward to our time in the......Read More


Comfort in Discomfort

Tigger Nesbett, Participant

“Finding the comfort in the discomfort” This quote has resonated with me the most as I have started this wild journey. I have been thrown into a group of students where 5 of 7 come from the same university that I am not a part of. Have had no......Read More


The Gift of the Potato

Noah Engel, Participant

We spent this past week in a village called Paru Paru way up in the mountains. Paru Paru is one of multiple communities in its region dedicated to the sacred farming of potatoes. During this experience we were exposed to farming traditions as well......Read More


Sulpayki Paru Paru!

Kaela Frank, Instructor

Dear family and friends, We spent the past week truly surrounded by the spirit of the Andes in the community of Paru Paru at Parque de la Papa (Potato Park). We spent four nights sleeping under heavy wool blankets in handbuilt adobe homes. We helped......Read More


Paru Paru

Chandra, Participant

This experience in Paru Paru has been eye and heart opening. to open up a semester abroad with a week of learning from, observing and becoming family with some of the sweetest most generous people i have ever met was amazing. There are so many......Read More