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Willow, Participant

Don’t worry, we’re alive and well, and actually like each other a whole lot so far (hopefully it stays that way:) ). We are ending orientation today and moving onto our homestays tomorrow. Although we have been doing a lot of inner......Read More


On La Coa and Being a Traveler

Anna Perez, Participant

Yak of the Week

In the hostal where we have begun our orientation and set the tone for our program, there is a fire pit that overlooks the beautiful town of Samaipata. This is where I believe the most special moment yet has occurred. On our second night, after......Read More


Living it up in Samaipata

Victoria, Participant

Hello! Do not worry, I am alive and well. I am having a spectacular time here in Samaipata, it is absolutely breathtaking. It has only been a few days, but we have done so many things. Let me try to debrief: On the first day, we arrived to Hostal......Read More


El mercado y La llorona !!!

Frannie, Participant

Yesterday we had our first opportunity to venture into Samiapata, the town we’ve been staying in since our journey from Miami international. After arriving in the town square, we set off on a scavenger hunt designed to acquaint us with the......Read More


Photo Yak!

Lxs instructores, Participant

Picture of the Week

  Here are some pictures of our day walk to the waterfalls in Cuevas. It was so fun! Images will speak more than words this time. Enjoy!


Active Day in Orientation

Instructor team, Instructor

Here are some photos from our first group hike in the mountains outside of Casita Huaran. Plus a shot from our soccer match this evening against the staff of Casita Huaran. Final score: Team Peru destroyed Team USA/Netherlands 6 to 2, but we all had......Read More


Impressions from Orientation

Instructors, Participant

Dear families and friends, Here are some more impressions from our beautiful orientation site, the Finca “Ruta del Yalu”, and from two of our many sessions: one was a bonding activity called Río de Lava, and in the other students worked......Read More


Saludos desde Samaipata!

I-team, Instructor

Yak of the Week

Hola familia y amigxs!   We want to share with you how happy we’re! We started with our orientation days here in Samaipata, where today the sun was shining as much as our hearts <3   There’s a beautiful feeling of excitement......Read More


Orientation in the Sacred Valley

Instructor Team, Participant

Greetings from Casita Huaran! Orientation is well underway here in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Our welcoming host Tania and the people of Casita Huaran have been keeping us full of delicious Peruvian food and have provided us with a beautiful,......Read More


Together in Dakar!

Aaron, Dragons Admin

Hello Families and Friends of the Senegal Group! Students safely arrived in Dakar this morning and will soon be headed to their orientation site to get settled into their journey. One final student, Shreya, will be arriving later today on a......Read More


Students Arrived in Bolivia!!!

Los Instructores, Instructor

Hello Dear Family and Friends! We want to let you know that all the students arrived in country safe and healthy. We are having breakfast in the airport and taking the opportunity the know each other. In a little bit, we will then start our 3 hour......Read More