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Saying Goodbye to the Land & the Water

Eliza G., Participant

Today was a pretty good day. I have been sick and therefore have missed a couple of days at camp. I came back to a pretty good last day. Although I missed breakfast, I heard it was wonderful and filled with lots of goodies like donuts that were......Read More


Stronger Together

Shannon H., Participant

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure about what I was getting into during the first couple of days of our trip and I was a little nervous about what we were going to experience. However, I started to feel at ease and more confident with going with......Read More



Lily, Participant

The carnival day was EPIC! At first the teachers told us we were sitting down for a lesson on semiotics. We were going a little stir crazy and no-one was focused enough to sit through that lesson. However, ten minutes into the lesson the teachers......Read More


Talent Show

Kate and Lily, Participant

Yesterday we had a talent show and there were bunch of great performances including a stand up comedy performance by Jake  Sullivan and Coleman Smith they made a skit off of a Dragons Instructor named Bradford and there was another performance by......Read More


Alabama Hills & Sunset Peaks

Claire C., Participant

Hey folks! We started off the day super early compared to the other days since we went on one of our biggest excursions yet. After a egg filled breakfast we all packed ourselves into a cramped van and made our way to our most fun destinations yet.......Read More



Coleman S., Participant

EXCURSION DAY! Today wasn’t only started with breakfast by rather with the blaring sun that for some reason decides to break the horizon at 4 a.m. but it’s dope because after a rude yet blissful awakening we ate breakfast. Breakfast was an egg,......Read More


Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Reese M., Participant

Today was one to remember! We started off the morning with a little chillier weather than before. My chore group (Sagebrush, whoop whoop!) had lunch duty today but since we had excursions (also whoop whoop!), we helped out in the kitchen around......Read More


Cordage Making Workshop

Chris Y., Participant

Yesterday afternoon our guest educators, Melanie and Justin Smokey, taught us different traditional uses for plants native to the region. This included medicines as well as materials for making clothing, baskets, and cordage (natural rope). It was......Read More


Medicine Making

Simon, Dragons Admin

We spent the day yesterday with educator, native wellness advocate, and basket weaver Melanie Smokey and her son Justin of the Shoshone/Washo Nation. They shared water songs, family stories, and spoke about how to have good relationships with the......Read More


Stories from the Nüümü

Langston W., Participant

We started off the day with breakfast. Then we got our bags and started to head to the outdoor classroom where we met our indigenous instructors Kris and Kin-sin-tah, from the Nüümü tribe (“Bishop Paiute”) who live in this valley. They came......Read More


Where the Water Used to Flow

Tati J., Participant

We started with breakfast: potatoes, fruit, breakfast sausage, coffee, and tea. Once it was over we all split up into our van groups and went on excursions. The seniors visited Owens Lake, or what used to be a lake, in the valley and learned about......Read More


First Encounters with the Water

Andrew B., Participant

For the first two days we were getting settled into camp. We set up chore groups, put up shade tarps to protect against the surprisingly hot weather, and helped the wonderful cooks prepare the food. We are also learning about proper techniques for......Read More


What does home mean for you?

Jac Kovarik, Participant

On our first excursion yesterday, before we took a polar bear plunge in Rock Creek Lake, Ms. Sensenig and Mr. Harris led the students in a reflection on what home means to them. “What does home mean to you?” they asked the students. And students......Read More


Our First Off-site Excursion

Jake S., Participant

We were greeted to nice pancakes, eggs, and bacon this morning: things were already looking up. Everybody seemed to be adjusting really well to our new environment here which created a really fun and friendly dynamic. It seemed like everybody was......Read More


A Communion of Subjects

Abigail J., Participant

Just before I started writing this, we watched a rainstorm over a distant mountain light up with the orange glow of sunset and then reveal a rainbow with the whole spectrum of colors. Between that, a sky full of stars last night, and seemingly......Read More