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Adam Frye, Faculty

Today is the last day. I can tell you with absolute honesty, it has been an adventure. Your children right now are going through a menagerie of emotions: sad, tired, nostalgic, wanting to see more Guatemala, wanting to go home, missing pets, missing......Read More


Happy Father’s Day

Danielle Elms, Participant

We spent a good part of day 14 in transit – which, in my opinion, is always the most exciting portion of this adventure. Over the past two weeks, we have bussed down the narrow and steep roads of Panajachel, tuk tuked directly up the sleek and......Read More


La Laguna Chicobal

Riley Horgan, Participant

Today, Lili and I woke up at 6:25am, which was lame. We left for breakfast at Red Kat There we ate eggs (which were really  good), bean paste (not everyone’s favorite), plantains, and tortillas. After breakfast we got on a bus and drove an......Read More


Urban Farming and Cooking

Harmony Chennault, Participant

Breakfast. For context, eggs, beans, bananas, and tortillas are staple foods in the Guatemalan diet. This means that one way or another, we have one of these foods (at minimum) with practically every meal. Today at breakfast we knocked out 3 of the......Read More


Immigration Forum

Katherine Wallace, Participant

We got to eat breakfast at a restaurant called Xela Pan. It was amazing. I had an egg sandwich. After, we went to Red Kat for a discussion about migration with Este (Dragon’s instructor). For an activity, we created posters about different......Read More



Jack, Participant

We woke at the hot springs and had a delicious breakfast while taking in the scenic views (pictured). It was so misty the day before that this morning was the first time we got to see where we were. Then we hopped on a bus for Xela, the ride also......Read More


Leaving San Juan

Lily, Participant

**Due to being out of cellular range, we had to combine two days of activities into one post** Monday Today, I got to sleep in and I had cereal for breakfast. We all walked to the Spanish school after, and my teacher took us to this textile store.......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Guatemala

HIES Guatemala B


Scavenger hunt

Abby, Participant

Yesterday, we arrived in Xela after an hour bus ride from some mystical volcanic hot springs. After checking into our hotel we were tasked with completing a scavenger hunt to get to know the city. From finding different markets to calling our......Read More


Mayan Music

Jack Fernandez, Participant

Saturday We had pancakes for breakfast this morning, and after that, we all went to Spanish school. School was very informative because the teachers are great. Then we all went to our homestays for lunch. Lily, Riley, and I all washed our clothes......Read More


IMAP: Mayan Permaculture

Abby, Participant

Yak of the Week

The sounds of my alarm forced me awake as I longed for more sleep. However, today was a big day because we were going to IMAP. a farm in Guatemala. At 5:30am, I rolled out of bed, changed into my day clothes, and walked out the door. Once we arrived......Read More


Student Photos Vol. 1

Adam, Participant

Hello, Due to various circumstances, I have not been able to post student photos. So here are a bunch from the last few days!!!...Read More


Spanish Classes and More

Nick Morgan, Participant

Today, we started off by going to Spanish school. At school I was paired with Stibo (Jack S), our teacher Kao taught us many Spanish phrases including the name of one the six dogs that hangs out, Salachi Papi. After the lessons, we came back to our......Read More


San Juan de Lago

Harper Busko, Participant

After our morning swim adventure and breakfast, we attended an orientation with the whole group to learn about living with our homestay families. We also learned many rules and customs we would need to follow during this next week. After a little......Read More


Morning Swim

Ryan Strother, Participant

Here in Guatemala you sort of rise with the sun, it works out that way because while I’m here I want to spend the most time amongst the opportunities presented to me. Yesterday, when Mr. Frye offered us a group swim, me and a few other......Read More


Lomas de Tzununa

Participant, Participant

I woke up a lot earlier than I would normally. We walked down the street meeting many different dogs that followed us to the boat. We got on the boat a little worried about because our bags we just placed on top of the boat loosely. After a nice......Read More