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Lago de Atitlán - Photo by Juan Galich

HIES Guatemala A

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Day 8 – 6/13/2022

Avery B., Participant

Each day we count over how many days have passed, adding and subtracting travel days and the hours we play Uno. The morning began with some new clean laundry for the group and a few people feeling homesick and some runny noses from the change in......Read More


Spanish Classes at the Eco Spanish School

Chris Yarsawich, Participant

For all 5 days we’ve spent in San Juan La Laguna, students have been studying Spanish for 3 hours a day. The teachers here are excellent and work with small groups on different levels according to an entrance test everyone took. Ms. Reed......Read More


Day 11 – 6/17/2022

Walton S., Participant

Today me and Dominick woke up and took our cold bucket showers and then ate boiled powdered milk with cereal. Miller and Keira walked to our house and we all walked to the Spanish school together. Avery and I went for a 3 hour Spanish class and......Read More


Day 10 – 6/16/2022

Keira W., Participant

Today everyone woke up in their home stay house and ate breakfast there. Miller and Keira (me) had pancakes with honey and peaches for breakfast. We were both so excited to have some familiar food. After breakfast Miller and Keira walked to the......Read More


ISPs on Thursday, June 17th….

Ms. J Reed, Participant

Yak of the Week

This day’s experience: Painting. Although visual art seems like a simple thing, I have to say, I have always been intimidated by it because “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler” and my hand writing is best when it is written in ALL......Read More


Photos from Day 8

Chris Yarsawich, Participant

While the official student journal makes its rounds (and is occasionally forgotten at home stay!) I thought I’d share some photos of the happenings that took place on our first day entering into home stays. We left IMAP for Santiago Atitlán......Read More


Excursion with our host family

Clara, Participant

Last night after dinner, our host family took us to a community center. At the community center, groups of kids ages 4-9 all dressed in  Mayan clothes. It seemed like a history day, in which they celebrated different aspects of Mayan culture. One......Read More


Transition to Home Stays

Chris Yarsawich, Participant

Today we left the rural quiet of IMAP to head to San Juan la Laguna, where students will be in home stays for 5 days and nights. But first, we spent the morning in Santiago Atitlán with a very special host, Doña Dolores, a curandera (healer) and......Read More


Polar Bear Plunge Shoutouts

Chris Yarsawich, Participant

A PGC travel tradition is to take a “polar bear plunge” in our destination’s most prominent body of water at dawn to greet the sun. IMAP (the Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura), where we’ve been for the past 4 days, is......Read More


Day 7 – 6/12/2022

Emma L., Participant

Today started with Grace, Keira, and I taking a refreshing swim in the lake. The water was so clear and not too cold. Next, we all took a trip back to San Lucas for market day. We got to explore the town and bought fruit and snacks, and more ice......Read More


Day 6 – 6/11/2022

Mary M., Participant

The Sacred Mayan calendar has 20 days in a month that follow a 13 day cycle. In total, this is 260 days (20 * 13 = 260, or 9 months in our calendar). It is purposely 260 days (9 months) because that is how long a baby is in its mother’s womb. This......Read More


Collective Poem on Momostenango

Everyone / Mary, Participant

This poem came from reflections of the whole group, then was edited/composed into one pice by Mary and reviewed by instructors & teachers. In the mountains of Momostenango, for many it was a welcoming and cultural experience, that cannot be......Read More


Day 5 – 6/10/2022

Marshall I., Participant

Today we said goodbye to Momostenango and left on the bus to IMAP, (the Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura) in Pachitulul, a mad beautiful village on the short of lake Atitlán. For lunch we stopped in San Lucas for steaks and fried chicken......Read More


Momostenango Highlights

Everyone, Participant

Mary – Playing soccer with the kids from the house and hanging out with Santi Walton – The hike to the hot springs Marshall – Going in the TaMaskal (traditional sauna) Nicolas – Looking for mushrooms on the hike and in the......Read More


Day 4 – 6/9/2022

Ciara S., Participant

Today I learned that one hour in Dragons time is actually three hours in normal time. We took a hike that was very pretty and had many amazing viewpoints. The hike was very challenging, with us having to go down the side of the steep mountain. It......Read More