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Gould Academy Tucson III

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The group is off to Maine!

Katz and Jac, Participant

Hola, amiguis y familia! After an amazing 12 days spent exploring the Sonoran Desert and the Borderlands, the group is en route back home to Bethel (with a few students heading to ski comps in the mountain west). We spent the last day of the program......Read More


Bisbee Day! 

Will, Finn, Fiona and Parker, Participant

“Today, everyone woke up at 6:30 am and had some monstrous pancakes. We had to wake up earlier than usual because it was Bisbee Day! We drove an hour and a half to Bisbee, Arizona. Students took one hour to explore the truly unique town, and......Read More


Native Plants and Patagonia Town!

Reese, Ian, Sam and Andrew, Participant

Today we toured and volunteered at the Borderlands Plant Nursery and Seed Lab – we learned how to transplant baby agaves. We learned how to transplant Shin-Dagger Agaves and seed new agaves. We learned how planting native species is much, much......Read More


Ode to The Borderlands Restoration Network

Finn, Parker, Will and Fiona, Participant

Today, we travelled from Canelo, AZ to Patagonia, AZ. Once we arrived at our destination, the Borderlands Restoration Network, we met with Juliet. Juliet gave us a wonderful tour of the restoration network. After Juliet’s very educational tour......Read More


Day 3 at Canelo: Adobe ovens and pizza!

Lucas, Participant

This morning, the group met up with Athena to make pizza ovens. This was accomplished by dumping two buckets of clay on a tarp, shaking it up and then pouring water into the center of the clay. After that, Ian, Lucas, Finn, Reese and Parker took off......Read More


Day 2 at Canelo: Adobe bricks and a hike!

Reese, Ian, Sam and Andrew, Participant

Today, we woke up and ate oatmeal for breakfast. Then we started making adobe bricks w/Athena. We made the adobe with clay, water, and straw. We used the clay to create bricks, which then were used to build a small flood barrier. Next, we used the......Read More


Chill Yak – Day #3!

Finn, Parker, Will, Fiona, Participant

Gould Academy’s 9th grade group 3 took their second pit stop to the Canelo Project where they will get to work with mud and clay to build adobe. They just finished their first two days at the Double V Scout Ranch where they got to familiarize......Read More


Tamales in Tucson

Lucas, Molly, and Jackson, Participant

The group started the day with some orientation lessons and a great hike near Cat Mountain. The group enjoyed singing songs along the hike, seeing the amazing variety of cactus, a hawk, and a coyote. The cooks prepared a great lunch and our......Read More


Gould 3 Has Arrived In Tucson!

David Haffeman, Dragons Admin

Dear Friends and Family, The Gould 3 group has arrived in Tucson. After a necessary stop for some Sonoran Hot Dogs for lunch they are settling in to their new surroundings to learn more about their journey to come. Stay tuned to more stories from......Read More


Greetings from the Central Cascades!

Emily Katz, Instructor

Hi Friends! My name is Emily Katz but y’all can call me Katz. My pronouns are she/her and I am writing you from the Central Cascades in Oregon. I will be one of the instructors of this fine Gould Dragons collab. The canyons and watersheds of......Read More


See you so soon in the Desert!!!

Jac, Instructor

¡Saludos! I am SOOO excited to meet you all in, and it is coming up right around the corner!! And welcome to the Yak Board! This is the space where Katz, your other Dragons Instructor, and I will share info for you before your trip, and also where......Read More

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Amina, Dragons Admin

Greetings, Gould Students! It’s exciting to introduce you all to the Gould Academy and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for the upcoming course, “Southern Arizona: Evolving Landscapes”! In just a few weeks, you’ll trade the spring chill of......Read More