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Gratitude on Leaving Senegal

All of Us, Participant

We would like to thank a few people before leaving Senegal: Thank you Awa for being so fun and showing me your culture! I loved that you taught me some games. That day was so fun! Thank you to the community of Niodior, for having us and welcoming......Read More


Rainy Days in Cafe San Juan

Mijen Armstrong, Faculty

Rainy Days in Café San Juan Wyatt Dahl: My favorite place to visit is the San Juan Cafe because the people here are very nice and friendly. The food here is also amazing. My favorite drink here is the Mocha Caliente and I also really liked the......Read More



Adam Frye, Faculty

Today is the last day. I can tell you with absolute honesty, it has been an adventure. Your children right now are going through a menagerie of emotions: sad, tired, nostalgic, wanting to see more Guatemala, wanting to go home, missing pets, missing......Read More


La Vida en San Juan la Laguna

Instructors, Instructor

The last few days in San Juan have been full of learning, exploration and problem solving for our group! As the instructors navigate the logistics of keeping everyone safe from covid, the group has still been attending Spanish classes at Eco......Read More


Happy Father’s Day

Danielle Elms, Participant

We spent a good part of day 14 in transit – which, in my opinion, is always the most exciting portion of this adventure. Over the past two weeks, we have bussed down the narrow and steep roads of Panajachel, tuk tuked directly up the sleek and......Read More


To all of the Dads

All of Us, Participant

Happy Father’s Day! Your kids wanted you to know:   Happy Father’s Day! Africa is great and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. See you soon. Love and miss you! Love, Herrin   Happy Father’s Day dad! I love you and miss you.......Read More


La Laguna Chicobal

Riley Horgan, Participant

Today, Lili and I woke up at 6:25am, which was lame. We left for breakfast at Red Kat There we ate eggs (which were really  good), bean paste (not everyone’s favorite), plantains, and tortillas. After breakfast we got on a bus and drove an......Read More


Urban Farming and Cooking

Harmony Chennault, Participant

Breakfast. For context, eggs, beans, bananas, and tortillas are staple foods in the Guatemalan diet. This means that one way or another, we have one of these foods (at minimum) with practically every meal. Today at breakfast we knocked out 3 of the......Read More


Our Thoughts on Goree Island and the Musee des...

All of Us, Participant

“Today I learned that Africa is the root of almost everything. The beginning of life, civilization, and tools. I think that almost everyone was surprised that human life began completely in Africa…It saddened me that early African civilization......Read More


Workshop with Sea Diallo

All of Us, Participant

Here are some pictures from our glass-painting workshop with world-renowned artist Sea Diallo at the Village des Arts!...Read More


Day 8 – 6/13/2022

Avery B., Participant

Each day we count over how many days have passed, adding and subtracting travel days and the hours we play Uno. The morning began with some new clean laundry for the group and a few people feeling homesick and some runny noses from the change in......Read More


Spanish Classes at the Eco Spanish School

Chris Yarsawich, Participant

For all 5 days we’ve spent in San Juan La Laguna, students have been studying Spanish for 3 hours a day. The teachers here are excellent and work with small groups on different levels according to an entrance test everyone took. Ms. Reed......Read More


Day 11 – 6/17/2022

Walton S., Participant

Today me and Dominick woke up and took our cold bucket showers and then ate boiled powdered milk with cereal. Miller and Keira walked to our house and we all walked to the Spanish school together. Avery and I went for a 3 hour Spanish class and......Read More


Day 10 – 6/16/2022

Keira W., Participant

Today everyone woke up in their home stay house and ate breakfast there. Miller and Keira (me) had pancakes with honey and peaches for breakfast. We were both so excited to have some familiar food. After breakfast Miller and Keira walked to the......Read More


Goodbye to Niodior

Nicole Yarsawich, Faculty

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was a looong travel day, but we wanted to share some of our pictures with you! There was a traditional lamb wrestling match (no, not with actual lambs–that’s just the name in Wolof) and a goodbye party to celebrate......Read More


ISPs on Thursday, June 17th….

Ms. J Reed, Participant

Yak of the Week

This day’s experience: Painting. Although visual art seems like a simple thing, I have to say, I have always been intimidated by it because “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler” and my hand writing is best when it is written in ALL......Read More