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Photo by Ching Hsieh

Springside Chestnut Hill Taiwan

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Transference Poems

Dieter & Pei, Participant

During our final reflection ceremony—what we call Transference at Dragons—students were asked to work in groups to select 30 words that describe their experience in Taiwan. After sharing, students narrowed their lists down to 10 words and then......Read More


New Year’s Eve

Moira, Participant

Today we woke up around 7:00 to the smell of wonderful breakfast: sandwiches prepared by our host mother. After breakfast we headed to the boy’s house for morning check-in. Since all of us were very tired, Trevor suggested we play Ninja. After an......Read More


First Day in Zhen Xi Bao

Kiley, Participant

MG and I woke up in our homestay around 7:30 AM, went out into the kitchen to eat some fruit and then went outside to watch the dogs run around. Next, we sat and talked with our homestay parents around the fire they created. We bonded and learned a......Read More


Tie Dye in Yilan

Jack, Participant

We had an early start to the day. Before the crack of dawn, the chickens, a rooster, and a turkey had already eaten breakfast and were singing their morning chorus. Coincidently, as we went over how we felt physically and mentally during morning......Read More


Arrival in Yilan

Katherine, Participant

After taking a very crowded MRT ride, we got onto a bus and officially left Taipei, heading for our first homestay in Yilan. The bus ride had incredible views that showed small pockets of houses and manmade structures peeking through the dense......Read More


Yingge & Sanxia

George, Participant

Today gave us a substantial taste of the deep-rooted ceramic culture of Taiwan. After a quick breakfast we began our journey by jumping between a series of brief train rides until we reached the town we had set out to explore. One thing I believe we......Read More


Christmas Day

Polly, Participant

Today, December 25th, we celebrated Christmas by traveling by bus to Keelung, a port city north of Taipei. In Keelung we met Nicole Wang, a well-known ceramicist throughout Taiwan. She talked to us about her journey in ceramics, and the history of......Read More


Day 2

Student Group, Participant

We started the day in the hotel with a buffet breakfast and then walked to the MRT for the first time. Then we walked to the scavenger hunt on Di Hua Street and visited the temple of a love god. We split into smaller groups and set out to take......Read More



Dieter Mackenbach, Instructor

Everyone arrived safely and is resting up after the long flight. Looking forward to a great first day tomorrow!...Read More


Itinerary for the upcoming two weeks!

Dieter & Pei, Participant

After a late-night check-in to the Jiantan Youth Activity Center, we’ll have a later start for our first full day. We’ll go through introductions and begin Orientation, where we’ll discuss the course itinerary, health and safety guidelines,......Read More



Dan Brewer, Participant

I am so excited to experience the culture of Taiwan and meet new and  interesting people. I currently live in Elkins Park Pa. ( a suburb of Philadelphia). I am an artist and do paintings inspired by debris I pick up on the streets of Philadelphia.......Read More

Taiwan Travel Experiential Education

Springside Chestnut Hill Taiwan


Last Minute Reminders

Dieter Mackenbach, Participant

Hey everyone! Pei and I are looking forward to meeting you all so soon! I went to check on the hot spring today that we’ll visit and was told by an employee that everyone entering the hot springs needs to wear tight-fitting swim suits. That......Read More


Polly Sweeney

Polly Sweeney, Participant

Hi, my name is Polly Sweeney. I grew up in Chestnut Hill and Wyndmoor and I went to Springfield public schools until 9th grade where I came to SCH. At SCH I have a great group of friends, play a couple sport and try to integrate myself into the......Read More