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Final Reflection

Shino, Instructor

Hello, I am writing this from JFK airport. The group has just left, some with parents and some on the bus back to Lawrenceville. I am waiting for my own ride and feeling a wash of gratitude for the two weeks I just got to share with this amazing......Read More


Rabat – A Day of History and Culture

Joao, Dragons Admin

After eating breakfast on the rooftop of the hotel, with a view of the ocean, our group quickly departed to meet something new; our day had tons of culture.  We went to the Chellah, a place where we got to see Roman ruins. Paraphrasing Badr, “It......Read More


Final Destination: Rabat

Sydney, Dragons Admin

After almost 2 weeks of non-stop traveling and adventures, the MoRockStars have arrived at the last point: Rabat. This morning, I woke up to the sound of Birney’s alarm at 4:30am. Though it was not the most pleasant time to be up, we......Read More


Bye, Chefchauoen!!!

Birney, Participant

Hi, all! This is my first time writing a Yak post by myself, but I have so much to say and feel so lucky to be able to cover my favorite day yet! Today was our second and last day in Chefchauoen, and we have known for a while now that we would be......Read More


Chefchaouen Day 1

Phil, Participant

Yak of the Week

The day started earlier than usual. We woke up at an ungodly 4 AM as the first call to prayer rang throughout the streets of Fez. The purpose of was simple: stuff up on food before the sunrise. As one of the “Five Pillars of Dragons,” we decided that we would fast for a whole day. The group fasted not only from food but also from communicative habits, such as “like” or “wicked.” We then took a 4-hour bus ride up North to the blue city of Chefchaouen. We were introduced to the city with a Dragons hallmark scavenger hunt… Read More


Day 2 in Fes

Esha, Dragons Admin

Salaam! It’s Esha and I’m writing this Yak after our second day in Fes, the oldest city in Morocco. After a really restful sleep in my hotel room with Hannah and Sydney, we woke up to our usual breakfast of Milwi (bread), jam, butter,......Read More


Exploring Fes: Moroc(k) Stars in the Big City

Hannah, Dragons Admin

Hi parents! I’m writing this post in Esha, Syd, and my beautiful bedroom on the top floor of our hotel in Fez, tired but happy after an exciting first day in the biggest city we’ve been to so far. We started the day with our host families, and......Read More


Goodbyes to host families

Birney, Syd and Hannah, Dragons Admin

Hi parents! Yesterday afternoon we went to the hammam with our host family, which is a traditional Moroccan bathhouse.  It was a great bonding experience!!!  Next, we headed to our host aunt’s house for some snacks with the whole host......Read More


Student Updates – From Teachers

Stella, Stephen, Devondra, Shino and Badr, Dragons Admin

It is our last night in Azrou and students are spending their final evening with host families. Tonight we had a final party where students and families talked about what they learned in their days together and had the opportunity to formally thank......Read More


Reflections of a Lawrentian in Morocco

Phil, Dragons Admin

Life at Lawrenceville is truly rhythmic. Wake up. Class. Consultation. Lunch. Class again. Athletics. Arts. Chill. Dinner. Socialize. Study Hall. Feed maybe. Sleep… Every day is part of a six cycle that you constantly become more ingrained into.......Read More


Souk Day!

Hadley and Esha, Dragons Admin

Ssalamu 3alaykum! It’s Hadley and Esha, and today was our second day in our homestay in Azrou. After our eventful although chaotic first day getting settled, we were ready to get to know our host families a little better. Our host family is big.......Read More


First day with homestays

Hannah, Sydney, Birney and Hanae (host sister!), Dragons Admin

Hi everyone! It’s Hannah, Syd, Birney and Hanae, our amazing host sister. We are currently writing this post in Hanae’s family’s riad, a traditional Moroccan home. Today, we arrived in Azrou, a small city in the middle Atlas.  There are three......Read More


Meknes to Azrou

Joao, Dragons Admin

The plan for today was to wake up at 06:45 am, and so we did. Syd, the Magana (alarm clock), promptly showed up at the boys’ room at the planned time. We showered, packed our bags, and were ready one hour after waking up. Then, we had......Read More


Trip to Meknes

Hadley, Dragons Admin

Today we journeyed from Moulay Idriss Zerhoun to Meknes. In the morning, we gathered together to share a moment of silence before we started our day. This action was one of our five pillars of dragons that we made yesterday and modeled after the......Read More