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Jesus Arroyo, Participant

End The tribe’s stories began to fade with the elders.   Our story concluded a while ago, but will truly end when we both decide to forget. Whether purposely or recklessly.   Tomorrow we’ll end up right where we started,......Read More



Sydney Eck, Participant

March is not an easy month for me. I cannot tell you why. I am not sure. Maybe an astrologer could point to the configuration of celestial bodies and explain how this or that planet rising in tandem with whichever moon moving into a house of......Read More



Elliott Hyon, Participant

Belum. It is the Indonesian word for not yet. When someone asks kamu punya pacar? (do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?) or kamu pernah ke Sulawesi? (have you been to Sulawesi?), you are expected to respond not with bukan (no), but with belum.  ......Read More


9 Delights of Jogja

Allie Matthias, Participant

Yak of the Week

Something I never could have anticipated for this year is the amount of small daily surprises I encounter here in Jogja. These surprises—little moments of joy—come upon me at any time in the day. They break up the routine and remind me that my......Read More


Living intentionally

Max, Participant

Last Monday, in somewhat of a freak accident, I broke my foot. While standing up from a chair, I clumsily lost my balance and rolled my foot onto the right side, breaking the fifth metatarsal. It’s just a hairline fracture, and I should make a......Read More


a homecoming of sorts

Jasmine Berger, Participant

On August 28, eight bright-eyed Princeton students boarded a plane to halfway across the world with a lot of hope, a little bit of fear, and a sense of adventure. Today, six months later, we have somehow made it two thirds of the way through......Read More


Birds of Udaipur

Sijbren, Participant

When I’m returning from my NGO in the evening, I cycle through a rather rural area of Udaipur. I find myself surrounded by fields and overgrown empty lots. The road is mostly clear of traffic and I take my time to enjoy the scenery — it just......Read More


A Warm Goodbye

Fernando Aviles, Participant

This past Friday, I sadly said goodbye to someone I had never expected to meet, and much less expected to learn such a great deal from. After a series of events that led to a very sudden shift in instructors, we were introduced to Sharon and told......Read More

WTBD Yaks from Senegal

Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year Senegal 2019-20


Mid-Year Retreat!

Maddie Lausted, Participant

Salaam malekum! Bridge Year Senegal is heading off to our mid-year retreat to the desert of Lompoul to set goals for the new year, see some sand dunes, and, inshallah, ride a camel! We’re all looking forward to more group talks under the......Read More


I understand

Sydney Eck, Participant

Trigger warnings: suicide, school shootings   January 26, 2020  Udaipur, Rajastan, India   Schools held Republic Day celebrations and families gathered around television screens, watching the spectacle of the annual Delhi parade to......Read More


Taiwan Excursion Itinerary

Jenny, Dragons Admin

Below is a tentative itinerary for the program’s excursion to Taiwan.  Note: This itinerary may change, depending on the needs of the student group and our assessment of the evolving coronavirus situation in Mainland China.  We also wanted you......Read More


We’re Halfway There

Pia DiCenzo, Participant

Monday, January 13 marked an important day for Bridge Year India.  It was the exact halfway point of our program. On the day I write this, Monday, January 20, we have 132 days until May 31, 2020.  That is: 4 months and 11 days 19 weeks 3,168 hours......Read More


The Monsoon Palace

Tejas G, Participant

On Saturday, the cohort adventured to Udaipur’s famous Monsoon Palace, built in honor the king of the region Maharana Sajjan Singh. Situated at the top of a hilltop overlooking Udaipur, we hiked about an hour and a half up, relaying stories......Read More