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Liam’s Poem

Our Trip

My plane arrived

And I first felt the heat

And I carried my luggage

To the place we would meet

Just under a hotel

And a mile above the sea

We waited for Luke

And gave away our phones

Then hoped in the van

And got rick rolled

Windy River Resort is windy

And we’re tired and cramping

Its only day one

And we’re already camping

We get oriented

And put our feet in the stream

So when we get to Western

We look like a team

We took a tour of the college

And sleep in the gym

We play basketball

And all of us win

Keshet coaches us

On our backpack packing

We leave lots of clothes

And deodorant will be lacking

Before we depart

We wave Bennett goodbye

And on the first day of the trail

We leave Grey with a sigh

The hiking is hard

The distance is long

But we keep on walking

Because the trail food is bomb

Next was the farm stay

Our group splits in two

We pick weeds and sort seeds

And farm like farmers do

Our next part of the trip

Was rafting the San Juan

We slept under the stars

But then got rained on

After rafting was a car trip

To the canyon so grand

And we camped next to the French

Who had massive tents in which they could stand

Last to Arcosanti

Where we reflected and cried

And on the last day

We said our goodbyes.