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IMAP: Mayan Permaculture

The sounds of my alarm forced me awake as I longed for more sleep. However, today was a big day because we were going to IMAP. a farm in Guatemala. At 5:30am, I rolled out of bed, changed into my day clothes, and walked out the door. Once we arrived at the docks I was reunited with the yellow dog who followed me around yesterday. I have never seen a happier dog. He was jumping around , wagging his tail, and even walked with me to our boat. His face when I got on the boat broke my heart but I said bye and prepared myself for IMAP. The boat ride was beautiful and Este (one of the Dragons instructors) described how one of these mountains helped inspire the elephant in the book ‘The Little Prince.’ We arrived at IMAP and were promptly taken to eat breakfast. While at the farm, we learned about Mayan culture, the importance of the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) and how it all ties into effective farming. We learned more about the practices of permaculture as we took a tour around the farm. After lunch, we were given three options, either help farm, go swimming in the lake, or hang and play cards. I went to the lake. That was so much fun and I jumping from a ledge of dock at least 20 feet into the cold water. When we got back we walked onto the dock and guess who was there…. the dog!!! At dinner, the group of families that live near each other went to a roof and ate dinner. During dinner, we were given a Lady Gaga show by one of the young girls in the host family. It was so adorable. Then we learned some Mayan phrases and took pictures with the host family. We also talked a lot about San Juan’s traditions and our plans for the weekend. We played with the little kids until we were all tired. We went to sleep at a good time because we have Spanish lessons tomorrow morning.

  • Abby