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The salt-bed of the dried-up lake

Santa Fe Plaza

Going on a ‘Where There Be Dragons’ trip for Christmas break is one of the best choices I have ever made. Not only was I able spend time with my friends, but we also visited the gorgeous Rio Grande Gorge in Taos, stayed in superb trailers, went on the cute Rail Runner, strolled around the Santa Fe plaza, stopped by numerous museums (which all demonstrated the history of radioactivity of this area in different ways: art, timeline, images etc.), amazed by Kenyan food and so much more! Out of all the activities we’ve done, the Santa Fe plaza is my favorite. The minute I stepped into the plaza, I was mesmerized by the adobe buildings and the majestic church. I have never seen buildings made with adobe before, I was used to skyscrapers in Shanghai, who would ever know that buildings can be made from adobe as well?! In the plaza, New Mexicans piled the road with rocks in various patterns, you could feel the rocks underneath your feet even with shoes on. The shops were the bomb as well! The items: woodcarvings, mats, sombreros, handicrafts, magnificently embodied the state culture. Each and every commodity was in vibrant colors, which made them so alluring to purchase. We were at the plaza for at least five times, I could memorize each route as if it was my home. Yet each time we headed to the plaza, there was a unique experience awaiting, either new food, new clothes or shows by local native groups. I could never get tired of it. Gentle breezes brushing against my cheeks, the texture of rocks beneath my feet, the dazzling commodities inside the stores, the cordiality and politeness of the citizens, made me love and be fully immersed in this community.