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Wrapping Up in Bolivia!

What a stunning trip this has been. Hard to believe we have already made it to the end of the adventure. I came into this trip with the intention of pushing my limits, leaning into uncomfortablility, forming new connections, and improving my spanish. I feel as though I have done all of these things with zest and excitement. I couldn’t be more satisfied with myself or this experience. We’ve been prompted to write a yak of gratitude but it feels tricky to pin down what I’m most grateful for, so I’m just going to discuss a few things. Firstly, I am incredibly grateful for this group. From the very first day in the airport, it was clear that this group had a special connection. We had cried and been kneeled over in laughter before I could even remember everyone’s name. Since airport trauma and Henry’s house, we have only grown closer and developed more respect for each other. If this group hadn’t been so willing to embrace this experience, I don’t think I would have gotten so much out of it. And with that, I am extremely appreciative for the instructor group. All three of them, Ana, Alan, and Luis provided something so different, but worked so well together. Ana was my source of motherly comfort and spiritual guidance. Alan reminded me how happy I was allowed to be and never failed to make us laugh. And Luis’s endless pool of knowledge about so many random things never let my curiosity run dry. Truly a group I will never forget.

And on another note, I am feeling very grateful for the most recent part of the trip in the Yungas. We went to the region with a group from Teatro Trono and participated in a series of traditional indigenous ceremonies. I loved getting a taste of indigenous culture and feeling a deep connection to the Earth through these ceremonies. The Temascal ceremony, a sweat lodge type thing, was a standout for me. We chopped wood in the nearby forest which we used to build the lodge. Then on our final night we had the ceremony and got to be reborn. It was a fantastic experience and all of the exposure to indigenous values has made me so excited to learn more.

Ok, all for now. Much love and see you soon, Mom and Dad! <3