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Welcome Ceremony at Potter’s Farm

We arrived to Potter’s Farm to be welcomed by a delicious garden table spread with salads and shepherd’s pie from a local sheep farmer (aka Midwestern hot dish). Students ate copious amounts, and enjoyed a warm and beautiful evening outdoors playing frisbee and cleaning up together. After dinner we passed around a box of homemade ice cream sandwiches from Tetzner’s dairy just down the road from our farm, and made our way over the fire circle. We each cast a piece of wood into the fire stating our full name, that of our parents, and grandparents, and sharing what we’ll bring to this experience.


Today we awoke to a blustery gray and cold day. The famed Nor’Easter of Lake Superior has greeted us in classic fashion. We’ll spend the day in the barn telling stories and setting the stage for our adventures before heading out to Red Cliff to meet with Frank Montano, a storyteller, musician, and Anishinaabe elder.


More to come soon!

-The i-team