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The Apostle Islands

Hello Friends and Family,

Many apologies for the sudden silence on our yak board. Our group moved into their expedition phase of the course on Thursday, striking out from Potter’s Farm at 7 am to Cornucopia to get geared up and hit the water. After a half-day safety course, they paddled from Little Sand Bay to Sand Island and camped the night. Day two was a big paddle day down and around the peninsula to Oak Island. After weeks of drought, the skies opened up on Friday night with booming thunder storms. Students stayed dry in their tents and woke to high winds and a surf-filled crossing up to Rocky Island. I rode out to meet the paddlers at Rocky Island and deliver some well-deserved treats on the eve of their rest day (Sunday). Today they paddle their way back to Oak Island on calm water, and then tomorrow, make the mainland again in Bayfield. As of Saturday evening, everyone was in high spirits and successfully navigating the adventures on the Great Gitchigumi (Lake Superior). We look forward to photos and stories on Tuesday evening.