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Ring making!

During my time in Tiquipaya, my independent study project was silversmithing! 5 other students and I worked with Don Alfredo to make rings, pendants, and earrings out of almost pure silver. The process of a ring starts by melting down 95% silver and 5% copper. Then pouring it into a basic shape to let it cool. Once the metal was cold and manageable, you laminate it, which is making it thinner and longer by putting it between two rollers. Eventually, you flatten it until the metal is between .8-1.4 mm wide. After that, it’s smooth sailing with cutting the metal to your ring size, shaping it, soldering it, sanding it, and polishing it. We were able to add cool leftover silver shapes and simple gemstones to the rings. I made two rings and a pendant. Feeling super lucky to get to show off my new jewelry.