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Our hike to the village of Iwol

Our time in Senegal has been an emotional rollercoaster. With schedule delays, last minute changes, and people leaving the group, it’s been hectic. Still, we continued on, and I’m glad we did. My family knows that I’m a big time nature girl and that I love to hike, so I was super excited to trek! Today we left Banda Fassi and went to a village called Iwol, where they practice animism. The hike was about an hour and a half up a steep trail, and once we made it to the top it was amazing! The village was very big, with many home structures. There were not a lot of people around because they were working in the fields, but we were blessed to be able to meet the chief Jean-Baptiste. He taught us about the history of the village and took us to a huge sacred Baobab tree, that is central to the village. It was breathtaking! I can’t wait to share what I have learned when I return. <3