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On to the Draw

Some group members woke up not so bright and very early to enjoy our last sunrise on Madeleine Island. “It was great,” said one of the view. “There were so many frogs out,” said another, “I would catch them if I didn’t have a cut on my hand.”

The rest of us woke up bright and less early at our usual time of 7:30. Jac and Liam prepared us a breakfast of chicken, asparagus, and rice, which was so delicious that when we asked for the recipe, we could not believe the dish was just an amalgamation of our leftovers.

After breaking down our camp at record speed, we settled down in a circle for part 2 of the Dragons Justice Curriculum, in which the group drew and shared “community maps.” In our community maps, we considered not just the people around us, but also food accessibility, geography, means of transportation, and the history of our homes.

We said goodbye to Madeleine Island and drove back to Bayfield. Tired from our early start, we took a long nap on the way while listening to Clairo’s new album.

Mary, an activist and community organizer, welcomed us to participate in her project “Conspire.” She explained that at its etymological roots, “conspire” means “breathe together,” but gained the word gained negative connotations from patriarchal influence. For the project, she took photos of us standing in front of birchbark wings and asked us “How do you conspire to create community?” For Mary, art is always a form of activism. She has been working at a food pantry to nutritionally sustain her community. She is also working to prevent bottled water companies from taking water from Lake Superior and damaging ecosystems in the area. By asking the community to engage in her art and activism, Mary asked us to think about what’s important to us about our communities and how to take action.

After our meeting with Mary, the group roamed around Bayfield for a bit. I grabbed a lunch that consisted of two bacon cheddar scones and a blueberry smoothie that I 10/10 would recommend to a friend. I then returned to Honest Dog books to satiate my book hunger.

Another 15 minutes in the van brought us to our next camp location: The Draw. We’ll be staying there for the next four nights. The Draw is a permaculture center with a rather large and incredibly fluffy dog named Lou. It’s serving as the homestay portion of our trip. We set up our toilet system. Its components include a bucket, sawdust, and a toilet seat. We have planned to rotate the seat to optimally face the best views depending on the time of day, notably sunrise and sunset.

We’re about to eat dinner, which I know will taste amazing, and the suspense is killing me. Looking forward to tomorrow to start our Independent Study Projects!