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Loving Life!

Loving life! After a couple early morning wake-ups to serve as comfortable shocks to our teenage sleep schedules we had some great breakfasts (one made by one of our very own mini-pods) and started to gather some looks as to what life might look like on this trip and as a group. Scattered throughout days were group-wide Frisbee tosses, poker played with acorns as chips, and some cautionary tick checks.

While orientations felt involved they are deeply informative, we gained lots of insight into what will help us as a group cultivate a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment ! We’ve had no challenges bonding as a group, immediately assembling at any given chance for a game of cards and such. While yesterday (7/6) was chilly, rainy, and drab, we had a blast with some interactive orientation games and activities, on top of a competitive scavenger hunt once we’d been separated into our fun little mini pod/groups.

Today (7/7 (cute date number !)) , we woke up to some homemade crepes and bountiful toppings, and headed outside on this sunny yet chilly day to work on splitting up group roles, cultivating a little set of group agreements independent from our leaders, and then grabbed some lunch. After, we headed (past our leader Liam’s hometown of Bayfield) to Frog Bay, where we met Red Cliff (a band of Lake Superior Ojibwe) tribal members Melonee and Frank who took us down a beautiful little hike to the Lake and then chatted about our passions and hobbies reflected in nature (hard to explain but fun). We got a lot of insight into Ojibwe and Anishinaabe culture around nature and human use of elements in nature. We learned about both traditions and history behind grief, medicine, trading, and more in their culture!

Coming home to a home cooked meal of whitefish, fished from the lake only hours before, with some local wild rice (manoomin in Ojibwe), followed by DIY shortbread with a classy variety of macerated freshly harvested from a nearby farm (also same-day) berries and whipped cream which was the highlight of MY day. That’s about if for now on this sunny yet VERY chilly day, sending all our love and such !