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We had X-Phase in Joal-Fadiouth! Well…sort of. First we went to visit some of the highlights of Dakar. First we went to Goree Island and learned about the slave trade. Then we walked up to the outside of a lighthouse to get a view of the city. So pretty! I was approached for a picture because I am apparently prettier than the view, but I politely declined. Got my steps in though!

Then finally we got to Joal-Fadiouth. We began fully planning X-phase with our specific jobs:

Gabe and Sadie – Leaders

Raoul – Transportation/Lodging

Vesper – Food and Water

Maddy – Journalist and Health

Max – Teacher and Sweep

Me 🙂 – Budget

Being on budget was stressful but my experience in personal finance and cashiering helped me succeed.

The next day we went to Fadiouth and had a tour around the island. We went to a cemetery where Muslims and Christians were buried together. Then after lunch we went to the mangroves – here is a picture of me planting one. I even caught a small crab! The boats we went on were also so cool. Then we returned to the hotel and had some “Max-tivities” with Max as the teacher, learning about Learning Service. (Oops while writing this I remembered that at some time also Claire taught us about Learning Service and Mamoudou taught us how to make attaya – yum!)

The next morning we went to the baobab tree. I did get stuck at the top of it, but ce n’est pas important. Me and Vesper also went inside the tree, and there were so many bats! After that we left Joal-Fadiouth and we ended X-phase. Tons of fun! <3