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I am so grateful for the kindness and hospitality that everyone we have met on this trip has shown us. We have been so warmly welcomed everywhere we have been, from the El Alto airport on the first day, to the home stays in Tiquipaya, and to the Teatro Trono building. At the airport, Ana, Luis, and Claudio lifted our spirits when they met us with mate and smiling faces. While walking into my home stay, my five year-old home stay brother immediately engulfed my legs in a hug. While first arriving at Teatro Trono, the troneros greeted us with drumming, dancing, and lively company. I think I can speak for others when I say that we immediately felt comfortable there.

Last but not least, I am grateful for my fellow dragons and their willingness to pour their hearts out and really connect with one another. I have so much love for every single one of them and I am so glad that we crossed paths on this incredible adventure.