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Farming in Paonia

Hey everyone! My name is Emmy Paletz and my favorite part of the trip so far was the time we spent at a small farm in Paonia with a really amazing guy named Jeff Wagner, and a small group of people we called The Fellows. We learned about the intricate nature of permaculture and how to incorporate sustainability in our everyday lives. Jeff taught us about seeds, their origins, and the importance they have in both ancient and modern agriculture. We worked out in the fields in the mornings and slept under the stars in our tents at nights. Similar to Jeromes ideology, Jeff believes the incorporation and usage of permaculture on a much larger scale is almost essential in our future- which he strongly conveyed to us. On the second to last day of our visit, we participated in a conversational workshop with The Fellows, which was my personal favorite part of our visit. We split into three small groups and talked more in depth about environmental justice, sustainability, equality vs equity, and the tragedy of the commons. Personally, I feel extremely inspired to spend more summers working and learning about farms like Jeff’s. I can’t wait to come home with the knowledge and experience I gained on this trip and hopefully even start a small garden on the roof of my NYC building! 🙂