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An obese goat named Fritz

Hey guys, its Sophia. These past few weeks have been busy in the best way, so I apologize if this Yak is a little bit all over the place. I’m not sure what other people have been writing about, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite memories from the trip so far. All of us campers are so different and probably wouldn’t have met under any other context, but for whatever reason we work well together and are having so much fun. Part of it is because of the unique nature of our experience. Within the first week of this program, we met with Jerome — the owner of a permaculture food forest. We all liked him immediately because of his genuine nature and often blunt/extreme comments about the herbicide mafia that was out to get him (hopefully they arent reading this). The sureal atmosphere of Jeromes property brought us closer, as the experience was so different from our lives outside of the program. There have been other moments that seem almost separate from reality, like when an angry bull was weaving through our tents at night or Fritz, the obese goat that was wandering around the KOA campsite. The instructors are all amazing people and often welcome these random events into our program. Last week, they took us to a rodeo in Gunnison, which ended up being one of my favorite days on the trip. We all bought cowboy hats (I actually bought a terribly amazing bedazzled Amercan flag hat) and adopted Southern accents to cheer on the bull riders. Because we are so comfortable (almost too comfortable) around each other, some of the best memories/inside jokes were made independently of any structured activity. This was especially the case on the trek, where we spent more than five hours a day hiking with only each other as company. We ended up creating our own religion (or cult depending on how you look at it) called Dylan Time and eventualy a coup to counter it (the Anti-Time). We also formed a food economy, with gummy worms and the dreaded gatorade pepper at the forefront (inflation is real). This inevitable wierdness has continued even after the trek. Last night, we danced around the fire with our headlamps on red mode, shouting sound effects from Super Mario Bros in the scariest voices possible. Dont worry parents, we are still actually learning things and sleeping and eating and all that stuff, but weve had lots of fun along the way.
I miss you mom and dad and moe and wylly
– sophia