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Ahead of the curve

12 days ago I was ready to carry out a lot of plans with this program.

However, life told me no, no matter how much I had everything planned, there are always factors that I cannot control and I need to adapt …

I had to embrace the change, take care of myself.

I left the jungle, to a warm home where I had the opportunity to recover quickly from Covid.
With so much support from my family and the Dragon community, I always felt cared for and protected.

Now I am back on this programe, feeling very fortunate and grateful. I have been able to recover fully and received 2 negative Covid tests before reuniting with the group.

Today I joined the group while enjoying small details, such as sharing fresh fruit sitting in a garden, reflecting on the impact of our trip on a small Tzutujil (local indigenous) community in Guatemala. .

Our itinerary changed for so many reasons and no matter what, we will have opportunities, challenges and changes. And we can learn from them and make them our guide to find a better versión of us.

I hope this yak find Dragons families heathy and safe as the students are here.

Saludos desde el hermoso lago Atitlan.