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a day in the good life


Yesterday, Monday the 12th, the group woke up, ate breakfast, and was on their way to continue their baskets. We got further in the weaving process and learned how to make the base and sides of the basket stable. After about two hours creating our baskets, we were all worked out and ready to eat! Lunch was our usual array of sandwiches and meats that somehow seem to never get old. When lunch was over, we headed out to the Bad River sacred tribal pow wow grounds where we were soon welcomed with open arms by community members, many of which were kids around our age. At the pow wow grounds, we weaved cattail ducks and learned how to make cordage with the same material. Joy, an important non-native member in their community, taught us facts about different native plants and their medicinal uses, how they are used, and how they are affected by issues regarding food sovereignty. We were then immersed in a game of indigenous lacrosse, where we used sticks made of cedar wood and a hide ball filled with many of the plants that Joy had just introduced us to. Later, Zach, a prominent member in the Bad River community, kindly showed us some fun language games which will now be something we continue at camp.