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Poem on Detention



Detention is guilty before proven innocent

It is suicide chambers with naked bodies and surveillance cameras

It is profiting off of the imprisonment of Black and Brown people

As if the US doesn’t do that enough


Detention is corporations showing zero capacity to care

It is family separation

It is full of moral and legal loopholes

That exempts it from our Constitution


Detention is hunger strikes

Excessive force

Solitary confinement

Sexual abuse

It is several months without meeting the ICE employee “working” on your case



The land of the free!

Just wait here in the cell and you’ll eventually see!


Detention is a waiting room for a hospital that’s on fire

And withholding the keys to a house that was stolen


Detention is blatant torture

And it is so disgusting and

Inhumane and

Flawed that

The US would be the first to intervene if it was happening abroad