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Together in Boulder

Hello from Boulder, Colorado! It is hard to believe that we will all be meeting in less than a week now. We are so excited to finally see all the pieces come together – and this week  Jeff and I have been working to finalize all the nuts and bolts of the course to come.

In thinking about what we envision this fall to look like, Jeff and I are discussing ideas about land and place, history and culture, water and it’s movement. This fall we hope to move slowly, ask critical questions about the landscape around us, and discover new meanings of wilderness/the Southwest/food systems/rivers. Through readings, discussions, guest speakers, and literally walking through the land, we hope that each one of you bring your curiosity and open mind to learn through this experience.

For those of you who have yet to post your intro Yak, please do so! We have already chatted with some of you over the phone, and will reach out those of you we haven’t chatted with yet before your departure to Boulder. And feel free to contact us with any last minute questions. See ya’ll soon!

With gratitude,

Keshet and Jeff