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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Until we meet again :)

Last night we had a farewell party with  all of our host families, language teachers and our ISP mentors. We decorated the program house and all of the families helped bring in food pot-luck style. Although sad to be saying goodbye, the night was full of love and laughter.

As we transitioned smoothly from dinner table to dance floor, my heart was in gracious awe for the family we had created  in just 3 weeks. We showed our families the silver and woodblock creations that had been made. Dakota showed off some of her new Silat Techniques (Silat is an Indonesian Martial Art). And we passed around some of the snacks that Ibu Anik and I had made that afternoon.

As families started to say goodbye, my host sister Adibah and I delayed the farewell as we started making tik toks on the far side of the program house. Eventually all the girls joined in, laughing at ourselves and enjoying the last of the party. I looked over briefly to find my host parents watching with love in their eyes, as if somehow we were all their kids.

When we finally dispersed I gave my whole family hugs, trying without words to convey to them that the love they had given me was one of the most precious things I’d ever had. Before they left we decided that  it was not a goodbye because I would without a doubt I would see them again.  I watched them leave with complete confidence that it was true. Sampai kita bertemu lagi. To my Indonesia family, saya cinta kalian.  I love you.