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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Midcourse Shennanigans

Hello members of the infected world,

As of right now, we have the supreme privilege to stay at THE Henry Van Damme household in Sacaba, outside of Cochabamba. A few things we want to touch on are: how beautiful the area around is, how grateful we are to be spending our midcourse here, and also that Henry has a llama. It’s important to mention the increased awareness of the dangers/risks of Coronavirus within our group and around the world. Despite that, spending our midcourse reflection time on a mountainside outside of Cochabamba, thinking and talking about all we’ve accomplished as a group has only been a morale booster. Our strong positive group mentality has really helped us understand and work through our itinerary changes, and helped us effectivly think about the most ethical and interesting way forward for the trip.

One thing we want to emphasize: the I-team has been extremely transparent with us, helping us understand when, how, and why each decision is being made, and for that, we could not be more grateful. Our only concern now is that we have a much farther walk to get our ice-creams than we did in our homestays. (Which in all honesty is probably a good thing, we have been eating “too much” lately).

While here at the Van Damme estate, we’ve been living it up…Charlie is shredding his new (handmade) charango, and Marco has also been serenading us with his guitar. Lots of music, both from Spotify and from us. And of course, we wouldn’t be having free time if we weren’t playing Cambio. What’s Cambio you ask… well, you’ll just have to get on the line in a few days and check the Yak board for some specifics.

To close, we are so grateful to still be here all together and still be able to (hopefully) visit the Amazon and experience all of the vibrant wildlife, culture, and people it has to offer.

Goodbye for now, and as always… “Wash your hands and go to bed” – Carolina

-Emma and Charlie <3