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Living in the Big Bowl (Watercolor Painting)

Hello yakkers,

Some long-forgotten watercolors were unearthed in the Dragon’s program house closet last week. I took some time post Yoga-isp in the palace garden behind the Patan museum painting and drawing with fellow dragons Delaney and Ella, and two separate drawings of a pair of eyes and the cityscape merged into this piece.

I haven’t spent a lot of time working with watercolors, and I have discovered I like the medium. There’s a finality to every brush stroke that is unforgiving, far from the impermanence and softness that mediums like clay and acrylic paint hold.

Kathmandu is a big bowl and inside all the dragons are swimming in the soup. Although I am sad to leave our homestays in Patan, I am excited to see where the adventure outside the valley takes us.

Love and light,