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It’s a Contagion Situation Part 2; It’s a Coronin’ Situonin’

Hi everyone! In light of the recent pandemic, I thought I’d write a part 2 to “It’s a Contagion Situation.” This piece is called “It’s a Coronin’ Situonin’ “

It’s a Coronin’ Situonin’

Everybody’s parents be phonin’

But I’m just going to throw in…I’m fine


Holi got shut down

We can’t even act like clowns

But I gotta remember not to frown

They just don’t want Corona to go around


Please don’t get your brow in a frow

Y’all just need to know

To Wuhan we will not go


I’m all on this Rhyme

Only when I got the time

Cause I be washing my hands before I even write a line


Crowded places we won’t step a toe

Not even if we really want to go

Because Corona can sneak up on the low

And nobody wants that, fo-sho


Listen, we’re not even going to take a risk

When we eat, we make sure everyone has a clean dish

Also, we’re sad that Jacob never got to fish


Fevers, headaches, the works

This is where Corona lurks

Having a proactive Dragons team is one of the perks

And Corona is just one of the trip’s many Quirks


I just want everyone to see

We take this seriously, on me