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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

I got bitten by a komodo dragon help

We had a fire boat day on Sunday which consisted of seeing Komodo dragons, snorkeling, and sun bathing atop our awesome wooden two story boat.  The dragons were cool and a bit daunting, and I did in fact get a necklace with a komodo tooth on it.  Fun fact is that many komodo dragons eat their own children xo.  Snorkeling was sick and although we swam into many jellyfish, we all appreciated diving into the refreshing, blue salt water. Cruising through the islands on our boat was absolutely picturesque, with huge, lush mountains and islands sprinkled throughout the sapphire, glass-like water.  As I sat and gazed at the views in the warm breeze, it was easy to think about how blessed we are to be in such a stunningly beautiful place.  There’s truly nothing quite like being in a breathtaking spot and just taking it all in.  Missing everyone at home and hoping to be back here one day to show my favorite people this special place. <3