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Photo by Shino Yoshen


Salamu 3alaykum – Peace be upon you. My name is Badr, alongside Elke, I will be your Instructor during your two-week stay in Morocco, and I am excited to get to know each one of you, and push to learn more about my country’s people and culture.

I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Sale, the sister city of the capital Rabat, where I live with my wife Elizabeth and my cat Charlie. However, what I call home is a small town 51 KM east of Rabat called Tiflet.

I have a BA in English studies and a vocational degree in International commerce. have been working with WTBD since June 2019. This will be my fourth trip with WTBD and probably over the 20th trip leading young American students in Morocco.

When people ask me where I am from, I find it hard to pick one place. I grew up all over the country due to my father’s job in the military. For that, I feel blessed to have the chance to meet people from different communities and to create so many wonderful relationships that have shaped me to become the person I am today.

Before working with WTBD, I worked for Peace Corps Morocco for 4 years teaching Moroccan Arabic and facilitating cross-cultural matters to US volunteers. After Peace Corps, I worked as Director of a study abroad company in Rabat before working as an English Language program manager with an NGO called crafting love & hope. As you can see, I love teaching, and I am passionate about engaging with the students and push them to critically think about the world around them.

The different civilizations and dynasties that existed in Morocco gave this land the cultural richness that no other land has. As instructors will create opportunities to learn about Morocco’s history, people, religion and more.

Elke and I are looking forward to taking you on this journey to teach you more about Morocco, answer your questions about its culture and its people, and help you create wonderful memories you can carry back home.