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Photo by Shino Yoshen

Welcome to your Thacher Morocco Yak Board!

Photo by Shino Yoshen

Thacher Students and Families,

Welcome you to your Thacher School and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for our collaborative “Morocco: Threads of History” program.

In just a couple of months, you’ll bid farewell to home and trade your bustling life in California for the smells and sights of Morocco. Beyond the change of geography and landscape, your time in Morocco is sure to ‘shake and awaken’ you as you dive into new foods, new languages, cultures, ways of living, complex histories, topics of development, religion, and immerse in the daily rhythms of life in North Africa. Soon you’ll find yourself bouncing back and forth between time and place as you learn about Morocco’s people and environments and experience the ever-present tension between development and tradition. You’ll spend days and nights with home-stay families who will take you in as their own upon meeting you; you’ll bounce between vastly different rhythms of life and interwoven stories of ethnically diverse peoples.  You’ll listen to stories from activists, artisans, and local youth. You’ll eat new things, laugh with new friends, contemplate your own unique lifestyle and worldview as you dive into contemporary Morocco and ethnic identities, and struggle to make sense of this BIG experience in your own wonderful way.

To support your group’s collective experience, this Yak board will be a powerful forum that weaves together an exquisite narrative of the journey you’ll be on with your Thacher-Dragons community. This narrative will extend from the pre-course days well into the field, and even after. And so we invite you to try your keyboards at the published word and begin to share about your own goals, experience, and hopes for this grand adventure.

We are thrilled to be a part of your experience in Morocco. To make it real, the first thing we are excited to hear from you is an introduction. You may be well-acquainted with the folks on your course, but you may not know their expectations, excitement, goals, curiosities, and fears as you all embark on an epic journey to North Africa. This forum will provide the space and support to share these things. And, you’ll be amazed looking back at the end of the course and witness the ways you’ve grown and changed in just a matter of days abroad!

Parents, we realize that this Yak Board will be extremely important for you to remain abreast of your child’s travels, and to see images and words from their journey. We’re excited to have you follow along. While we do encourage your participation in postings that are relevant and valuable to the entire Thacher group, we do not publish postings that serve as personal communications with your sons and daughters.

We are overjoyed to follow along with your adventure.

The Dragons Administration Team