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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.

Only two months until we leave for Jordan! 

I am a little confused about what good Yak includes, so here is my best shot at explaining why I am so excited to go to Jordan. In the 6th grade, I completed a geography project on Yemen. We randomly drew countries from a hat, and I was utterly disappointed with my selection; I do not think I could have even found Yemen on a map. The month of learning about religion, geography, and language, however, made me incredibly curious about the region, especially since the culture is so different from my home state of Maine. Since that project, I have followed both Yemeni and other Middle Eastern politics and am excited to learn more on our trip. I love to travel, and my Mom and I visited the UAE and Oman in 2016, but I have not been back to the Middle East since. I was amazed by the hospitality and kindness of the people we met and loved getting to talk about politics (especially the 2016 presidential election) with people from countries with different governing and election systems than the US. I am also excited and nervous to practice Arabic; hopefully, my mispronunciations will not offend our hosts!