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Photo by Yi-Ching Hsieh

Last Day in Yilan

We started out the day with a late morning because of our New Years fun with sparklers the night before. Then we had breakfast and went with Ye Ye to work in the garden and cut sugar cane. We then took the fresh sugar cane and made it into juice that we enjoyed. Then we rolled out fresh pasta dough and made udon noodles that we enjoyed for lunch. After lunch we started transference activities that included an energizer, a question activity and skits. Then we made dumplings and ground fresh soybeans to make tofu that we made into our delicious dinner. After dinner we did a closing circle where we appreciated each person on the trip. As we went to bed we said goodnight to Ye Ye by saying “我门爱你” meaning “we love you” which he returned and copied our gestures by putting his arms on top his head in the shape of a heart. Overall, a sweet day to end an amazing trip.