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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Transference: A Journey’s End Before Many Beginnings

In the last days of our group being in Nepal, we return to the neighborhood surrounding Boudha stupa, which has become a sort of home for our group.

During Transference, all of us begin to process the many changes and experiences of the last three months, and consider what that means for our lives. How will we form the story of this time, these places and people? How could we capture it in words? How will the meaning of it all, the changes in each of us be understood, or even misunderstood? How do we move forward and embody the the things we value from this adventure?

After many talks and shared memories, games and challenging contemplations, our group considers the world, how we move through it, and all we have to appreciate about this place in the world and our time here.

Family and loved ones, thank you so much for following our journeys. Thank you for supporting these individuals as they stepped out into the unkown.  Please give these students the patience, the support, and understanding they will so vitally need as return into your lives, even when all may not be how it seems at first reunion. Give them the space to start their new journeys, and the eyes to see how they’ve grown as they continue to grow and readjust and start anew.  Don’t worry, they still care deeply for you, and will find both old and new ways of relating with you.